Why Lease a Margarita Machine from Frozen 2 Perfection?

Leasing a margarita machine can be beneficial to many restaurant, bar and club owners. It offers an easier, cheaper alternative to purchasing expensive equipment up front. Low monthly payments allow you the flexibility to free up cash for other expenses or revenue generating activities. We offer many affordable leasing package options with no large down payment!

How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Margarita Machine?

At $350 a month*, that means you are only paying $12 a day for your machine. After selling just a few drinks, the rest is pure profit! Not to mention our machines come with two bowls, which means you can offer your customers two drink choices and double your profit potential.

The most prominent benefit of Frozen 2 Perfection’s Houston margarita machine leasing‚ĶPROFITABILITY! Proper utilization of these machines can result in massive profits; the margarita machines essentially pay for themselves.

Our Bunn commercial grade machines offer a variety of drink options! We carry various high quality, premium mixes which upon leasing are offered at a wholesale price.

*Pricing based on 1 year lease contract.

Margarita Machine Benefits:

  • Easy To Clean And Maintain.
  • Simple, User Friendly Interface.
  • Rapid Freeze Times.
  • Thickness Adjustment Feature.
  • Makes Drinks On The Rocks Or Frozen.
  • Holds Up To 6 Gallons (120 8Oz Drinks).
  • Reversible Augers For Even Mix Distribution.
  • Double Bowls = Double Profits.

Leasing Services Offered:

  • Free Case of Mix Upon Signing.
  • A Variety of High Quality Frozen Drink Mixes.
  • If You Require Assistance, Our Service Technicians Will Repair Or Swap Out Your Machine To Get You Back In Business As Swiftly As Possible.
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Leasing Margarita Machine